Loyalty Diamonds

Motivating customers to spend locally.

Loyalty Diamonds

Loyalty Diamonds are a virtual currency which can be collected by people shopping with you using the Newtown app and them redeemed at your participating local stores.

It's really easy to setup for the customer and business alike.

At the end of your sale, present the customer with a card (which we will give you) which contains a QR code on it - this code is unique to the Newtown app. The customer selects the scan button on the Local page of the app and the diamonds are accredited to their account.

The customer can save up these diamonds and in partipating stores, spend them on discounts and special offers.

To spend them the customer presents their device and the cashier enters a unique shop code into the app - which then takes the diamonds off the customer.

All the diamonds are stored in the cloud and are safe from hacking or manipulation. All aspects are logged including the redemption and obtaining of diamonds.

Fancy being a participating store? Please contact us to get setup.

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