Democracy in Newtown

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Who does what?

The world of democractic structures can be confusing - so we have put together this helpful guide for you to explain who runs things in Newtown.

 UK Government

The UK Government oversees defence, welfare, constitutional law and taxes. It is accountable to the UK Parliament.

 Welsh Government

The Welsh Government oversees health, education, transport and sets some taxes. It is accountable to the Senedd.

 Powys County Council

Powys County Council oversees schools, social care, roads, recycling and sets an element of Council Tax.

5 County Councillors across 4 wards.
£16,800 per councillor per year.

 Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council

Newtown and Llanllchaiarn Town Council oversees green spaces, events, weekly market and sets an element of Council Tax.

16 Town Councillors across 5 wards.
£150 per councillor per year*.

*Excluding the recently announced allowance scheme which could see some councillors take up to £1,230 extra and senior allowances.

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