New website allows residents to keep a closer eye on councillors allows residents and voters to keep a closer eye on county councillors in Powys. allows residents and voters to keep a closer eye on county councillors in Powys.

The updated website re-launched on Monday 21st March which allows residents and voters to view the following:

  1. Data relating to their postcode, including who their county councillor(s) are, their community/town council, elections results and council tax.
  2. Data relating to their county councillor including council grouping, political parties, allowances, election results in 2017 (and 2022 when known), attendance, council tax (including their vote) and their votes on motions and resolutions presented to Powys County Council.
  3. Data relating to communities in Powys – precept amount, precept per Band D property and the percentage % rise since 2018. Community/Town Councils are largely an unknown precepting authority – some communities in Powys have risen their share of council tax by over 70% since 2018.
  4. Motions and Resolutions including amended motions and substantive motions since 2020, including proposers, seconders and detailed voting details on each motion.
  5. Electoral Divisions for the 2022 Local Government Elections including candidates, party and total votes cast and political makeup. This list will be fully updated with candidates when the Notice of Poll is published in April 2022.

Spotlight Powys is available via and on Facebook ( and Twitter (@SpotlightPowys).

Commenting on the re-launch, the group behind the website said:

“Up to date data is key for electors to make their decisions at the ballot box. Powys County Councillors are responsible for now, over £300m of expenditure each year and it is right and important that this information is public, and is available in an easily searchable and accessible manner. Residents have previously had to trawl through documents to find out the performance of their elected councillors and this ends today.”

“We are above politics – we just believe in transparency and giving people information so they can make up their own minds. Over the next few weeks we will be ramping up our marketing and engagement with residents to ensure that as many people as possible can understand that these vital tools exist.”

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