Profile: Gill Bridgwater (Newtown West)

Here is a look at Gill Bridgwater who is standing as an Independent candidate in Newtown West in the upcoming 2022 local elections.

Here is a look at Gill Bridgwater who is standing as an Independent candidate in Newtown West in the upcoming 2022 local elections.

During the 2022 local elections, I am asking the same three questions to every candidate in order to inform your decision making on the 5th May 2022. The answers to the questions are not edited and are a direct copy of the replies given.

1.What made you stand to be a county councillor?

With my wealth of contacts within Powys CC and other organisations I have – standing to be your new Councillor for Newtown West is the next natural step for me to take. Enabling me through the voice of the community to press forward on issues to influence much needed change on a wide spectrum of subjects as noted in my priorities below. It will be a privilege and honour to be an integral part of the whole community.

2. What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

My three top priorities, now this is a difficult question to answer, as this differs to who or what is in greater need at any given time, but listening to you on your doorsteps, the ones that effect all our residents are:

  1. Health provision – ambulance waiting times and the current protocols that feed into that service ie. getting doctors appointments, on-call provision, dentist appointments etc. The new North Powys Well Being Hub is an amazing project for our area and will play a significant role in solving many of our problems, but this is a few years in the making – we need immediate change to help save lives now!
  2. Budget Control – On a Town Council and Powys CC level what is ‘OUR’ money being spent on? I am passionate in enacting more transparency, fairness, accountability, and scrutiny on all Town and County projects to make sure Councillors and the public are kept abreast of how projects come about, their progression and come to a timely and cost-effective fruition.
  3. “What’s happening – Up Our Street?” Each street is very different, behind every front door there are a magnitude of various pressing priorities. I hope with my open pair of ears, my relaxed and approachable disposition that I can be that ‘go to person’ that the community of Newtown West can trust and respect in advising its’ residents to bring about change and to make a difference to YOU and YOUR family. Priorities that are evident now are street parking/cleansing, family finances, education, affordable homes, council tax, activities for our youth/elderly and enabling residents to shop local.

3. Why should the voters in Newtown West elect you?

I trust after reading the above and speaking to me personally, you will already know what my priorities are for Newtown West – to you, your family, your street, and our Town. Through your voice, my passion and commitment we can make our community a better place to live, work and play.

To enact progression and change I can’t do that alone, so I need your help too. I hope you and your family can all participate in being an active member of your street/community to give us a stronger voice. Which in turn will make us more resilient and build a lovely community spirit – Together we can help each other and bring about real change.

Please use your VOTE to choose Gill Bridgwater as your Independent Voice of your Community.

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