Profile: Jackie Molloy-Davies (Newtown North)

Here is a look at Jackie Molloy-Davies who is standing as an Independent candidate in Newtown North in the upcoming 2022 local elections.

Here is a look at Jackie Molloy-Davies who is standing as an Independent candidate in Newtown North in the upcoming 2022 local elections.

During the 2022 local elections, I am asking the same three questions to every candidate in order to inform your decision making on the 5th May 2022. The answers to the questions are not edited and are a direct copy of the replies given.

1.What made you stand to be a county councillor?

Being a resident in my ward the last 5 years it would appear we have not been adequately represented by our elected councillor, myself and many residents realised more action should have been taken to implement the much needed improvements within our area, I founded the Newtown North Ward Community Group on Facebook, and Llanllwchaiarn Traffic Calming Campaign, plus I joined the Town Council, this all gave me knowledge and an insight into what can be achieved without being political, a voice for the people whilst being transparent, honest and fair.

2. What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

  1. Wellbeing & Health – Challenge the constant increases in Council Tax, something our ward councillor voted for throughout his 5-year stay.  I would look at ways how we could help alleviate the impact of everyday living costs on Everyone, plus addressing Poverty, Isolation, and Loneliness throughout the ward.
  2. Highways – Find ways to use public money more efficiently, Improving road maintenance, pavements, and drainage systems to avoid flooding, gutters to be cleared of weeds, litter and swept more regularly. Road safety action, with traffic calming measures in place.
  3. Future Investment – Investigate, and action to be taken with much needed improvements in Education, Training, and Investment, giving our younger generations a reason to stay living in our beautiful Historic Market Town.

3. Why should the voters in Newtown North elect you?

I’ve chosen to stand as an Independent Candidate not affiliated to a political party, due to them having to vote the way the Political Party tell them to. I believe Independent should mean just that ‘Independent’. For a couple of years, I have been challenging the authorities on important issues within our area, with the backing of many residents. I’m an approachable person given advice, help and direction to many locals. I would value the opportunity and feel honoured to represent my ward.  If Elected the positive for everyone living in my ward, is I can see what needs doing, plus I can be approached by my residents for any issues when I am out and about, I’d be very happy being the Voice for the North Ward Community.

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