Profile: Peter Lewington (Newtown West)

Here is a look at Peter Lewington who is standing as a Welsh Conservatives candidate in Newtown West in the upcoming 2022 local elections.

Here is a look at Peter Lewington who is standing as a Welsh Conservatives candidate in Newtown West in the upcoming 2022 local elections.

During the 2022 local elections, I am asking the same three questions to every candidate in order to inform your decision making on the 5th May 2022. The answers to the questions are not edited and are a direct copy of the replies given.

1.What made you stand to be a county councillor?

Living in the ward i am aware of and have personal experience of the issues affecting our neighbourhood and I am keen to get involved in contributing towards the well-being of our community.

I am proud of Newtown – especially the area that we live in. I take an active interest and pride in our local community and i am delighted to serve the residents as a councillor on Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council.

I am keen to help people wherever possible and firmly believe that a county councillor has an important role to play in working for the benefit of the local community to make lives better for our residents.

2. What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

  1. A cutting edge health hub for Newtown. – I will work tirelessly to ensure we have a cutting edge health and care facility in Newtown.We must offer more and better health services locally.Our new health hub will support more doctors and nurses here in mid Wales rather than expecting our residents to travel out of our county
  2. Improving road safety right across our neighbourhood – I will prioritise road safety in our neighbourhood (for example outside Penygloddfa school and on Llanfair Road & Milford Road) by addressing the issues of speeding vehicles,appropriate speed limits,lack of footpaths and cycle paths,inadequate street lighting and a lack of safe crossing points. I will seek to implement where necessary relevant traffic calming measures and work to ensure road maintenance and pothole repairs such as those needed in Crescent Street and Llanfair road are undertaken in a timely manner. I will continue to support and assist the Milford Road Speedwatch group and help to set up similar groups for other areas of our neighbourhood where the need arises.
  3. Support for our community as it recovers from the pandemic – I will support our community as we recover from the pandemic by looking to secure investment for our small, independent shops, seeking a review of the current high level of business rates and looking to reduce the bureaucratic burden placed on our businesses. In addition I will campaign on reducing car parking charges to attract shoppers and boost tourism. I will continue to support and assist Newtown Sports Club in their project to build new changing rooms at the Recreation Ground as this will ultimately benefit the health and well being of all our residents who participate in the sports provided

3. Why should the voters in Newtown West elect you?

I will be a strong voice for the residents of Newtown West. I will fight hard for our residents to deliver for our community.

I have listened to the needs of our residents who have taken the time to either contact me or speak to me telling me their views and priorities – these are extremely important to me and are the basis of my plan for our neighbourhood. If the residents give me their support I will work with the help of my colleagues to keep the council tax they pay as low as possible by ensuring all unnecessary council waste and bureaucracy is eliminated. Any tax that is raised from our residents must be spent for their benefit.

I’ll achieve this by addressing the issues they have told me matter most in a way that offers the best value for their money – that will be my focus.

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