Have you watched 'Most Hated Man on the Internet' on Netflix?

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You'll be glad to know that sharing of intimate images or 'revenge porn' is a criminal offence in England and Wales.

The popular series on Netflix titled 'Most Hated Man On The Internet' is a three-part documentary series about Hunter Moore, a self-proclaimed “professional life ruiner." Moore gained notoriety for operating the revenge porn website IsAnyoneUp.com, which allowed users to post intimate pictures and personal information.

Moore was particularly notable in refusing any and all takedown requests and was dubbed “the most hated man on the internet” in a 2013 Rolling Stone article. He was also known to hack email accounts, seeking out nude photos to post on the site.

There was limited ways in which US law enforcement could tackle this issue, with the site not being illegal and sharing of private images, dubbed 'revenge porn', not an offence.

Fortunately, if the same was to happen in the UK then UK law enforcement could take action as in 2015, a specific criminal offence was introduced by Parliament to criminalise this behaviour.

Section 33 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 created the offence of 'Disclosing or threatening to disclose, private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress' which carries with it a maximum imprisonment of up to 2 years if convicted.

The offence prohibits individuals from sharing private sexual photographs and films without the consent of the subject and for the purposes of intenting to cause them harm. Disclosing these images includes sharing online, email, post and any other way of making available the image to someone else.


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