Hosepipe bans - what you need to know

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With hosepipe bans coming into force in England and some parts of Wales, here are some of the rules and regulations of a hosepipe ban in England and Wales.

Don't worry - there are no plans yet for a hosepipe ban for Powys.

What are the rules of a hosepipe ban?

  • Don’t use a hosepipe to water plants or clean your vehicle
  • Don’t fill – or clean - a swimming pool, paddling pool, pond or fountain
  • Don’t use a hosepipe to clean windows, walls, paths, patios or decking
  • Don’t use a hosepipe to cool off in the heat

You can use other water sources, such as stored rainwater from a water butt or watering cans from your mains water supply.

What’s the penalty during a ban?

Anyone found not following the rules could be prosecuted in a criminal court and fined up to £1,000, under section 76 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

What’s allowed during a ban?

  • Using a hosepipe for health and safety reasons
  • Watering newly laid turf for the first 28 days
  • The watering of newly bought plants for the first 14 days
  • Watering plants that are grown for sale or commercial use or that are part of a National Plant Collection or temporary display
  • Filling or maintaining a pool in which fish or other aquatic animals are being reared
  • People who are paid for car washing, window cleaning and graffiti removal can still use hosepipes
  • Operating water features with religious significance
  • Filling new pools, or those with religious significance
  • To prevent or control the spread of disease or invasive species

When was the last hosepipe ban in the UK?

The last official hosepipe ban in the UK was in 2018. Before that, there was one in 2012.

How long will a ban last?

A hosepipe ban will end when there’s enough rainfall to fill affected reservoirs.

Why are hosepipes so bad?

Using a hosepipe to water the garden uses 1,000 litres of water an hour.

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