Will this years Senedd election be delayed?

Elections in Scotland this year may be delayed as a result of the new surge in Covid-19 cases, raising doubts that the Senedd poll in May will go ahead on time.

According to the Times newspaper, senior figures in the SNP consider the May 6 Scottish Parliament election date “increasingly unrealistic” due to restrictions related to coronavirus in Scotland.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the local elections in England were also “likely” to be put back until the summer or autumn.

If elections in Scotland and England are delayed it will put pressure on the Welsh Government to follow suit, particularly as Covid rates in parts of Wales are some of the highest in Britain.

The Welsh Government are already planning a new law which would allow the Presiding Officer to delay elections in Wales by up to six months if need be. However, the Conservative Party remains opposed to the move.

Commenting on the likely delay in the Scottish elections, one leading SNP parliamentarian told the Times newspaper: “It’s a really difficult one. If other countries can do it then why can’t we? However, we are rightly cautious in the face of the pandemic and we should not be any less cautious in examining this.”